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EtherBucks Purchasing Guide

  • ♦ Unit Price : 0.1ETH
  • ♦ Purchase Quantity : EA
  • ♦ Total Purchase Amount : ETH

On the web

  1. At the time of purchase, EtherBucks are randomly selected and randomly distributed.
  2. The total purchase amount is changed according to the quantity requested, and exchange or refund is not possible after purchase..
  3. Purchases are made only with MetaMask, and cannot be purchased with other wallets.
  4. EtherBucks payments may be delayed depending on the Ethereum network speed. (about 1 hour)

On the mobile

  1. Open Metamask App on Mobile
  2. Click on the top left menu button
  3. Select Browser
  4. Click the top and input EtherBucks url (
  5. On the EtherBucks site, click on mint now.
  6. Sign Metamask